We identify and prevent overpayments for self-insured employee health plans

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ClaimIntercept™ Auditing

We audit 100% of claims in real-time, flagging invalid claims for non-payment, before you write a check to your plan administrator, typically resulting in 2-5% savings.

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We Get Results

$183K for a municipal health plan
$430K for a transportation group employee plan
$800K for a health services organization employee plan

The medical claims audit technology experts

We are medical billing, claims and analytics experts with decades of experience. 

We've embedded our expertise along with advanced analytics into our ClaimIntercept™ engine which audits 100% of claims in real-time, notifying you of invalid claims before payment is made. That's payment integrity. 

We also routinely serve as expert witnesses in legal cases involving medical pricing. To learn more about our experience in the courtroom contact us here.



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