About Us

We are medical billing and analytics experts. 

Our automated ClaimIntercept™ service, which audits 100% of medical claims in real-time, is the result of decades of experience in healthcare billing, auditing and analytics.

In addition, MRDM offers consulting services to support contract negotiation, benchmark medical pricing, and evaluate TPA performance, all to maximize health plan value. 

We routinely serve as expert witnesses in major legal cases involving medical pricing. 

Our Mission

We will provide our customers with substantial health plan savings, with a return on investment that continually justifies engagement with us.

Our Leadership

Robert Jameson

Robert Jameson Founder

Robert has more than 30 years of experience in medicine, managing $1B in medical claims throughout his career which has included clinical, operational, and financial leadership roles for hospitals and national, private medical organizations.  Robert routinely serves as an expert witness in cases involving medical billing, pricing and payment.


Jack Woerner CEO

Jack is a former Accenture executive and seasoned industry veteran, having built and run companies across industries, including multiple healthcare companies. Jack takes a hands-on approach with his teams and clients to generate real value, drawing on vast experience and knowledge.


Tommy Bohrmann, PhD Advisor: Data Science

Tommy has been an innovator and entrepreneur in the health analytics space for nearly 10 years since completing his PhD in Applied Statistics.  Tommy has launched multiple analytical technology and consulting companies and has published in numerous research journals in medicine, statistics and other scientific fields.

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