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The ClaimIntercept™ Difference

We have identified millions of dollars in invalid health claims for our clients using our proprietary, automated ClaimIntercept technology.  By auditing 100% of claims in real-time, our clients are able to make reduced payments to their plan administrator, realizing immediate financial value.

300 participant health plan: Municipal

ClaimIntercept identified $183K of roughly $3.8M in invalid, ineligible health claims for a county government employer.  The 4.8% invalid claim rate represented a significant overbilling issue.

1300 participant health plan: Private Industry

ClaimIntercept identified more than $430K in ineligible claims out of $14.3M, or about 3% of total health plan claims for a transportation services group. 

1200 participant health plan: Health Services

ClaimIntercept identified $800K of $25.6M in invalid claims for a regional health services provider, or a 3.1% invalid claim rate.


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